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What is FAQ schema?

FAQ Schema help you to boost your ranking and also trigger google Rish Results also

Why do you have to use only FAQ Schema Generator which provides by Akki Service On the internet, lots of Schema Generator available but Akki Service provide Schema Code with faq schema markup  which is especially Design for my self-use

You can see a faq schema example at the end of the article I also put FAQ schema in this article and look how beautifully applied but look don’t matter right?

Google also prefer FAQ Schema which is not only available in the backend of the article but googles trust that faq schema with markup which is also visible to the user so the user can understand a better way

Why Must Use FAQ schema?

Google never see the look at your article post or website. Google always see only code and understand code so Google prefer Schema markup standard which is the same for all

Lets I give you one example so that you better understand Why you should use the FAQ schema

Assume I Extremally big company so boss don’t know each and every employee and customers but if employee wear uniform than boss understand this is my company employ and if uniform also has name tag than it becomes very easy for the boss to understand and know who is this and why

Same for google there are so many bloggers, article etc so google prefer some Special format for easiness in understanding about what is an article related to which information etc

How FAQ help you see the below image to better understand

FAQ Schema Generator Tool - Akki Service
FAQ Schema Generator Tool

How to Use Akki Service FAQ Schema Tool?

You create FAQ Schema but don’t know how to add faq schema?

Don’t worry you got your all answer here such as how to implement faq schema, how to use faq schema, how to do schema markup etc

Step 1: Just Enter your Question and Answer in the above faq schema generator tool option

Step 2: Click on Generate FAQ Schema Code Button so Akki Service FAQ schema builder create your faq schema code/markup automatically

Step 3: Click on Click To Copy FAQ Schema Button which is the end of Code Preview

Step 4: Now go to your blogger or WordPress Article body in which you want to applied faq schema google

Step 5: On Blogger Switch HTML view or WordPress also and paste the whole code which you copy in Step 3 and Save your article… Job is done

Where do you test FAQ Schema is valid or not?

You can check FAQ Schema code on google faq schema test just paste your code in code snippet on google structure data testing tool which you code in step 3 

FAQ Schema Generator Tool - Akki Service

Belov this line you can see my faq schema example which is applied in the backend and is also visible in the article also.

I am 100% sure that this type of FAQ Schema generator you have never seen before because this faq schema builder is developed by Akki Service only – We are the original who create faq schema generator with faq schema markup type of code first on the internet

FAQ 1: FAQ Schema is good or not?

Yes, Its help you to rank fast and also help to gain featured snippet

FAQ 2: where we create FAQ Schema?

Akki Service FAQ Schema Generator tool is best for it

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